Join AguaClara as an M. Eng Student!

AguaClara at Cornell University invites applications for the Master of Engineering program in Environmental Engineering. AguaClara is inventing the next generation of municipal drinking water and wastewater treatment technologies.

AguaClara is a program that provides undergraduate & graduate students the opportunity to enhance their education with hands-on, real-world experience. The AguaClara Engineering Team focuses on the R&D aspects of the overall AguaClara project, while creating a problem based learning environment for Cornell students. The Team works to develop sustainable water treatment technology that is then implemented at AguaClara plants currently in Honduras and India. In 2012, the National Academy of Engineering recognized AguaClara as an exemplary program that "infuses real world experience into engineering education."

Approximately 50,000 Hondurans benefit from safe water provided by municipal AguaClara water treatment plants. Plans are currently underway to spread the AguaClara technologies to additional countries. See a map of the project.

"Being able to use engineering to empower and improve the life of others is really rewarding and something that as engineers we are uniquely able to do. Working on the AguaClara project was one of the most meaningful things I think I did at Cornell and the most rewarding since we were able to affect people's lives beyond something theoretical in the classroom."

"I worked on the design team in the early stages of developing the automated design tool. I loved creating a product that I knew was immediately being used to solve a problem. Learning how to take suggestions from the engineers in the field and incorporate it in a meaningful way was very valuable."

Being a part of AguaClara is a unique experience for students. Many universities focus on teaching students what the faculty know; In the AguaClara program we educate engineers to generate new knowledge. We create the general solution to the problem of safe water on tap. From that general solution we can quickly provide a solution for particular communities.

The goal of the Cornell team is not to manufacture the actual water treatment plants (this would not be cost-, resource-, skill-, or time-effective). Instead, students have the opportunity to participate in an annual Engineering-in-Context trip to Honduras for two weeks to help transfer the latest technologies to the field and to learn about sustainable environmental engineering infrastructure in an international context.

Please contact Dr. Monroe Weber-Shirk, AguaClara program director, for more information.