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Participating in AguaClara for Course Credit

The research, invention, and design project courses specific to AguaClara are focused on developing technology that can be used to improve the drinking water quality of surface water sources in the Global South. The program is structured to allow students with different levels of expertise to collaborate, share knowledge, and create new knowledge. Because the need for clean water is urgent and the cost of implementing the technology is minimal, the development effort includes multiple tracks.
The project tasks evolve from semester to semester as we develop sustainable water treatment technologies. We also encourage students to participate in the program for multiple semesters so there is continuity of team members to aid in the transfer of knowledge from semester to semester. Following graduation, students also have the ability to become involved directly in implementation as an AguaClara Engineer

AguaClara Course Options

  • CEE 2550
    Normally the first AguaClara course taken and is open to all students who do not meet the prerequisites for 4550. CEE 2550 is also the course for students who are working on the Outreach team. You will not be expected to fill a leadership role and are not required to enroll in the technical theory class.

  • CEE 4540: Sustainable Municipal Drinking Water Treatment
    A pre/corequisite for the main AguaClara project course, CEE 4550.It is the technical, theory course that develops the base of water treatment knowledge used in our research and design. CEE 4540 is also a capstone design course for Environmental Engineering.

  • CEE 4550
    the main AguaClara project course and must be taken for 3 credits.It fulfills the requirements for a design course. You must (be enrolled in or have taken CEE 4540 to enroll in CEE 4550) OR (have taken CEE 3310 and have approval of the instructor). You may be requested to have a leadership role within the team.

  • CEE 5051-5052
    Graduate level versions of CEE 4550.

  • CEE 3090
    A special topics course. It can be taken by students who are continuing on with AguaClara work after CEE 4550 as a major approved elective (with petition).

  • International Student Research Internships
    The PIRIP program allows qualified non-degree undergraduate and graduate students from abroad to conduct research on campus for periods up to six months with their tuition covered by a Provost's Fellowship. An administrative fee is charged.