The AguaClara Design Philosophy was developed to ensure the long-run sustainability of the facilities we engineer.
It is based on the belief, as expressed by Nobel Laureate Elinor Ostrom, that "combining knowledge of local circumstances with modern science and technology is a crucial prerequisite for developing more efficient, sustainable infrastructure."

Affordable for the Community

AguaClara plants...
  • are constructed using local labor.
  • are constructed using locally available materials.
  • use generic suppliers rather than specialized components.
  • operate without electricity.
  • minimize use of valves to reduce costs.
  • minimize use of moving parts.
  • are robust and resilient.
  • are optimized for low-cost and high-performance.
  • are easy to construct using low-precision construction techniques.

At the Inauguration of the San Nicolás Plant.


AguaClara designs...
  • use unit processes that are observable whenever possible (no sealed reactors).
  • are possible to operate without doing math.
  • use chemical dosages that are set directly.
  • are maintainable by one person.
  • have a direct-reading indicator of plant flow rate.
  • have a chemical dosing control point close to flocculator.
  • have no small parts that can be easily lost.
  • have removable parts for inspection and maintenance.
  • are enclosed in a building to provide protection from sun and rain.
  • are sized so that all tanks are accessible by a human for inspection.
  • include provisions so that the operator can receive appropriate feedback for every step of the treatment process.