AguaClara Spring Research Conference: May 13th 6 - 7:30 pm ET!

Applications are closed until Fall 2022. See you then!

Research . Invent . Design . Engage

2 Billion people

in the world do not have access to clean and safe drinking water.

Nearly 1,000 children

die everyday due to water related diarrheal diseases.

More than 80%

of our wastewater is discharged back to the environment without proper treatment.

We want to change this.

Our mission

AguaClara Cornell upholds and protects the fundamental human right to access safe drinking water. We are committed to the ongoing development of resilient, gravity-powered drinking water and wastewater treatment technologies. Students lead the innovation process, learn from each other, and foster a collaborative environment where diversity is celebrated, failures are learning opportunities, and success is shared. We research, invent, and design technologies that are implemented by partner organizations and managed by communities to bring safe water on tap!

Our story